Deadpool 2 star Ryan Reynolds shared on social media a pic of a movie reinterpreted version of Domino. The girl, a mutant mercenary, is played by Zazie Beetz.

It was Ryan Reynolds who offered Deadpool fans a sneak peek at a new intriguing character in the upcoming sequel. The Deadpool 2 star shared on Twitter and Instagram a say-hello-to-my-new-friend photo, captioning it: “Some people just know how to work a red carpet. #Domino #DeadPool2.”

In the photo, a woman with curves, wild hair and unshaved armpits, wearing an all-leather jumpsuit, combat boots and an arsenal of weapons, stares into the eyes of the viewers, as she lays down comfortably on what appears to be Deadpool’s deflated costume.


For fans of the Marvel comic books, Domino’s new look is quite shocking. The original character differs significantly from the looks actress Zazie Beetz gave it: in the comics, she has paper-white skin, a dark patch around one eye, her hair is dark with light grey roots, crossing, overall, into more of a goth style.

However, this change of looks was highly appreciated by the public and also by Marvel’s Domino creator, Robert Liefeld. He tweeted: “SHE LOOKS AWESOME!! Signed, Domino creator!”


There were voices who were displeased with the change the character has suffered. “@robliefeld Why did they need to change Domino’s colour? Why couldn’t they give Zazie Beetz the white skin (not caucasian colour) with the black eye? If they can keep Mystique blue, I’m sure they could keep Domino’s skin white”, jessmansurfs commented on the same Domino photo, this time posted by Liefeld on Instagram. “Nooooooo! Seriously? 😒 why she can’t look like at comics?”, dadaly_k commented on Reynold’s post on Instagram.

German-born actress Zazie Beetz, 26, has been acting since 2013 and so far, her most prominent appearance was on the Golden Globe-awarded comedy-drama Atlanta, which aired in 2016 on FX. The role of Neena Thurman/Domino is her first major role.

Deapool 2 is currently filming. The cast includes, aside from main star Ryan Reynold (as Deadpool) and Zazie Beetz (as Domino):

  • Morena Baccarin as Vanessa, Deadpool’s fiancé
  • J. Weasel as Miller, Deadpool’s BFF
  • Leslie Uggams as Blind Al, Deadpool’s roommate
  • Brianna Hildebrand as Negasonic Teenage Warhead
  • Josh Brolin as Cable
  • Jack Kesy as Black Tom Cassidy
  • Stefan Kapičić as the voice of Colossus

Deadpool 2 will premiere on June 1, 2018.