A recent article in The Cut reveals that Kathy Griffin is not friends with Anderson Cooper anymore, contrary to the latter’s statement in late July.

The article, published on August 27, states clearly that Griffin has not spoken to Cooper from the time the infamous photo scandal burst until three weeks ago. This contradicts Cooper’s statement during an appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, July 26, that he and Griffin were still friends. Or maybe he wasn’t in on it yet.

According to The Cut’s Yashar Ali, the comedienne was deeply hurt by the fact that Cooper, with whom she has been good friends for over 17 years, has not reached out to her after commenting negatively on her daring photo. Moreover, he did not check with her before telling people publicly that they still had a friendship.

Other celebrities have been more supportive than her good ol’ friend, Cooper. Among them, there were comedy stars Jerry Seinfeld, Jamie Foxx and Amy Schumer.

Cooper finally reached out to her on August 10, via text message. He sent her several texts, but from Griffin’s point of view, the damage could not be undone. As fa as she was concerned, they were no longer friends.

A source from Cooper’s entourage reveals to the publication that the CNN host was “shocked and upset by the photo”, but he still considered Kathy a friend. However, “he was not ready to talk to her personally about it”.

The Kathy Griffin scandal erupted in May, when the actress and CNN personality released a photo of her holding a mannequin chopped-off head of Donald Trump. At the time, she had no idea how out of line the gesture would be considered. She soon found out. She issued a public apology, after removing the photo.

A federal investigation was opened on the matter. On July 28, Griffin announced via Twitter that the investigation ended and she has been “completely exonerated”.


Buh-bye, Anderson Cooper! Kathy Griffin won’t be his friend anymore.
Photo: Instagram