Maria Menounos’ brain surgery recovery went smoothly, but not without side effects. The former E! host reveals how the post-surgery days went.

Recovery from brain surgery is not an easy time. But then again, having brain surgery to remove a cancerous tumor is not the lightest experience, either. Maria Menounos can confirm.

The TV personality opened-up about her life after surgery on the Today Show. “I’m so much calmer because I just see things so differently now.”

Recovery is a slow process. “I still have a hard time chewing on my right side. I can get dizzy moving my head side to side. Sometimes I look like I’ve been in a car accident, so I just shift carefully.”, Menounos reveals, adding: “They’re getting better and better. Each week you see difference.

The struggle was double in Maria Menounos’ family, as her mother had been battling brain cancer, too. She was diagnosed in September of 2016, six months before Menounos found out she had the same diagnosis.

“I’d been getting lightheaded on set and having headaches”, she told People last month, when first talking about her cancer diagnosis. A visit to the doctor and several tests later, she was told she had brain cancer, that had to be immediately removed. Following the surgery, she was told by her neurosurgeon, Dr. Keith Black from Cedars Sinai Hospital, that there was “a six to seven percent chance that we’ll see it come back”.

Her mother’s brain cancer was more serious and she also had brain surgery. “We’re both doing well. We’ve just celebrated my mom this past weekend in Connecticut. We had a big party for her”, Menounos shares.

As for her partner, Keven Undergaro, whom she’s been in a relationship with since 1998, Menounos says she is very thankful for his support: “He was helping me take care of my mom and my dad and keeping us all strong.”

Maria Menounos left her career at E! after the surgery, but has exciting projects for the future. She didn’t reveal too much about them, just that it involves Dr. Black and Stand Up 2 Cancer co-founder Lisa Paulsen. “Meeting of the minds!! Here w/ @cedarssinai Dr. Keith Black (my neurosurgeon) and @su2c co founder Lisa Paulsen. We have big dreams to help people…..more to come😀”, she shared on Instagram recently.

Maria Menounos, Dr. Keith Black (reposnsible for Menounos’ brain surgery) and Stand Up 2 Cancer co-founder Lisa Paulsen.
Source: Instagram