Mariah Carey’s Instagram followers have had it with the diva! Her latest Paper cover photo is proof for too much photoshop and nobody believes in that look of hers anymore. Even though not all fans have criticized her in an aggressive manner, they all urged her to embrace her curves.

Mariah Carey recently shared on Instagram her cover look for paper Magazine. Channeling her inner mermaid, the 47-year-old poses topless, with her breasts covered by flowy golden locks. Her outfits for the photo shoot are glam & glitzy, quite revealing and couldn’t possibly  fit the personality of any other music diva.

“Out NOW! Pick up your copy today to find about all the festivity that happens in Vegas, but doesn’t stay in Vegas 😄🎉 #VivaLasPaper @papermagazine”, Carey captioned the photo, also thanking photographer James White for the gems (in this case the photos, not the actual jewelry).

Out NOW! Pick up your copy today to find about all the festivity that happens in Vegas, but doesn't stay in Vegas 😄🎉 #VivaLasPaper @papermagazine Thank you James White, you are a genius! Photos: @jameswhitefoto Editor: @askmrmickey Hair: @tigerbahmb Makeup: @kristoferbuckle Styling: @robertbehar

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However, not all Mariah’s fans could see the shine, as they were blinded more of the photoshop work in the pictures.

Some of them were quite aggressive in pointing out the diva’s body was way to edited. “Real proud woman in your age will like herself and her body. If you need to look that young …go to gym and make something for it! That looks so stupid and fake”, wrote embryyant.

“They photoshopped the sh** out of her waist and stomach knowing damn well it’s not flat smh”, wrote bella_marie.

“Another photo shop by Mariah…… not a surprise she’s been doing it since the 90s LOL”, commented another.

Others pointed out the obvious – too much photoshop – in not so many words.

Mariah Carey faces photoshop criticism on Instagram.
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Some of the ones who commented on the photo had a more constructive approach, encouraging Carey to embrace her curves and love herself the way she is built – not a skinny girl, but rather a curvaceous lady.