Oprah Winfrey recently talked to the New York Times about the body acceptance risks. The media mogul says there are limits to how heavy you should allow your body to become.

Oprah has been known for weight fluctuation throughout her television career. And being a subject of yo-yo dynamics in body weight, she is more than authorized to have an opinion in what healthy feels like. ‘‘For your heart to pump, pump, pump, pump, it needs the least amount of weight possible to do that,” she told The New York Times in a recent interview. She continued: “All of the people who are saying, ‘Oh, I need to accept myself as I am’ — I can’t accept myself if I’m over 200 pounds, because it’s too much work on my heart.”

The 63-year-old goes on explaining the traumas that she submits her body to when she is overweight: “It causes high blood pressure for me. It puts me at risk for diabetes, because I have diabetes in my family.”

Winfrey says that nowadays trends of accepting yourself the way you are, while not embracing losing the extra weight, could be just as risky for the health as dieting all the time is. The acceptance should come from not fighting your genetic predisposition, but finding a type of lifestyle that works best for you. And by working best, she means keeping your body at a weight where it doesn’t get pushed towards health risks.

For Oprah Winfrey, who has adopted the Weight Watchers lifestyle program, what worked was mindful eating.  “It’s a mechanism to keep myself on track that brings a level of consciousness and awareness to my eating.”

In January, the television star revealed she has lost 42.5 lbs. And now, her goal is not to be skinny. Her goal is to be in control.

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