The Sims 4 Toddler Stuff Pack will be released on August 24 and players are curious to find out if it truly adds to the game.  Here is what to expect and what not to hope for.

New clothes – as in all the stuff packs, there will be clothes. Colorful, bright, wildlife-inspired hoodies, skirts, trousers, shoes and more. Looking at the released images makes us think about the iconic Anne Geddes baby looks. Among the items you will be getting with the pack: fox hoodie, superhero costume, honeybee costume (or fairy, as it is called in the official article), cargo pants and more.

New hairstyles – the new hairstyles for toddlers are quite adorable and much appreciated, as the game is lacking dramatically in this sector. New braids, hair accessories and a variety in styles is welcome. However, there is still a mixture of overall looks in toddlers – retro look, costume look, modern look, all put together – that could use a bit of work.

New playground stuff – EA promises players that starting August 24, their in-game toddlers will have a lot more fun “hopping into the ball pit, scooting down new slides and scuttling through colorful tunnels”. Other stuff included: dollhouses, drinks and snacks wagons, jungle gym.

Playdates – this new action will make it easier for the little ones to make friends, imagine worlds to explore and gain more skills.

New furniture – it is not yet known how many pieces of furniture will include the Sims 4 Toddler Stuff Pack, but the majority will be related to park/picnic time, such as these chairs and the portable barbecue.


New clutter and décor – these picnic pieces are to die for and will be available in clutter. And the wooden décor objects painted to resemble animals, or simply brighten up the outside areas, will surely add to the outdoor look.



NO new foods – According to a Sim Community post, there will be no additions to the old drinks and snacks provided in the Outdoor Retreat pack.

NO new hairdos/clothes for other age range – kids, teens and adults will have to wait for a new release to be able to change their old hairstyles and clothes.

The game will also introduce imagination effects in toddlers and children, such as the pirate shipwreck. Adults will also be able to interact with their toddlers on the playground, helping them climb the slide and play pretend on the jungle gym.

Check out the official trailer of the Sims 4 Toddler Stuff Pack!



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