A visibly troubled, self-admitted suicidal Sinead O’Connor exposes the naked face of mental illness in a desperate attempt to get help. The singer shared a video on Facebook about her struggle.

Sinead O’Connor is smoking, crying desperately and getting angry in a video that she posted on Facebook, exposing the face of mental illness. The singer shares she has been diagnosed with three mental illnesses and that she has been rated as suicidal. She goes on saying that she has been abandoned by her family and that she is alone, with nobody taking care of her. Nobody but her psychiatrist, who called her his hero.

O’Connor adds: “That’s about the only f**king thing keeping me alive at the moment… the fact that I’m his bloody hero… And that’s kind of pathetic!”

I Made This Video Because I Am One Of Millions

Posted by Sinead O'Connor on Thursday, August 3, 2017


Sinead O’Connor’s video is one of the most genuine expressions of the struggle that living with mental illness is. Her discourse, but also her gestures, body posture and other non-verbal details reveal severe tension, hopelessness and a loud cry for help.

“I was able to escape my country and escape the stigma”, the 50-year-old says before revealing she flew from Ireland to the United States and has been living in a New Jersey motel ever since.

“Mental Illness is a bit like drugs, it doesn’t give a sh** who you are. And what’s worse if the stigma doesn’t give a sh** who you are.”

She says she is fighting to stay alive every day. “If I was me, I’d be gone straight away back to my mom, ‘cause I’ve walked this earth alone for two years now as punishment for being mentally f**king ill and being angry that nobody would f**king take care of me.”

What O’Connor points out is, most of all, the lack of interest, empathy and patience that “healthy” people can have for mentally ill people. The incapacity of separating the behavior derived from the illness from the one of the person’s is leading to avoidance and estrangement of the ill. This causes an exacerbation of the mental illness, thus the vicious circle that brings some to the point of considering taking their own life. “


This isn’t the first socal media post by the singer that shows Sinead O’Connor suicidal and in search for help. Previous messages revealing suicide attempts have been posted by the 50-year-old in the past couple fo years.
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Since the video represents Sinead O’Connor’s point of view, it can’t be taken as an unquestioned fact, when it comes to the involvement of her family. The “Nothing Compares 2 U” singer also ran away from home last year. Her son, Jake Reynolds, 29, reported her missing in May of 2016. More specifically, he reported Sinead O’Connor suicidal and missing. She was later located at a hotel in the Chicago suburb area and transported to the hospital.

This would not be Sinead O’Connor’s first cry for help on Facebook. Back in 2015, she had written that she had overdosed with the intent to commit suicide and wrote down all the family members that she felt betrayed her. Her ex, Donal Lunny, and her older son, Jake, were on top of the list.

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