Tara Reid says that she was mistreated on the set of Sharknado, in comparison to guest stars. The franchise star, who has filmed for the movie’s fifth installment also told the press she has been bullied.

Sharknado star Tara Reid recently complained to The Hollywood Reporter that she doesn’t get treated as well as the “extra of the day” on the set of Sharknado, while filming the fifth movie in the series. “I think ‘Sharknado’ cares more about their ‘extra of the day’ than they do about their own cast”, she told the media outlet. “You work at something for five years and you don’t get treated as well as someone who shows up for a single day?”

Reid also expressed her displeasure in accepting the big payment gap between her and her co-star, Ian Ziering. While Ziering is reportedly cashing in half a million dollars for each installment, she is only getting $125,000.

After this reproach, Syfy released a poll, asking fans of the franchise whether they want Reid killed in Sharknado 5 or not. The network denies any connection between the release of the poll and the actress’ critique. Fans chose that she would live in the end.

When asked by The Guardian about the poll, Reid commented: “I didn’t like that” I’m going to be honest, when I read it in the script I was like: “I don’t want to do that.” Because what if everyone hates me and wants me to die? That scares me, you know?” She continued: “They were like, “Oh, our fans will all want her to live,” but I didn’t know what it was going to be.” Reid had to wait 8 months to find out what her fate on the movie was going to be.

“I almost felt like I was being bullied myself, even though they were doing it to my character”, the actress says.

Sharknado 5: Global Swarming will premiere in the United States on August 6. The cast includes, aside from the two main actors, Bret Michaels, Charo, Olivia Newton-John, Tony Hawk, Fabio Lanzoni, Kathie Lee Gifford, Clay Aiken, Margaret Cho, Gilbert Gottfried, Al Rocker and more.

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