Usher herpes is not covered by insurance. The ladies – and men – with substantial proof that they have contracted the STD from the rapper may want to know that they will be digging directly into his pocket when they file charges.

As TMZ reports, the insurance company Usher has signed with will not cover his monetary loss -if he loses, that is – in the lawsuits he is currently facing.

A woman, whose identity is withheld, has raised the sum she was seeking in her lawsuit against the singer in late July, after she tested positive for herpes. In court papers, she claims she contracted the disease from Usher.

The woman was initially asking for $10 million, earlier this year, after she had unprotected sex with the musician. The sum was to cover punitive damages for exposing her to STD. When the risk turned into a certainty, the sum has doubled.

Now, New York Marine and General Insurance Company have warned Usher that they will not cover any damages resulting from his lawsuit.

For one, in the contract it is stipulated that the insurer policy excludes financial damage resulting from “bodily injury … arising out of the transmission of any communicable diseases by [Usher].”

Secondly, Usher has never mentioned, ahead of signing the policy, a settlement he had reached in 2012 with another woman who claimed she had been infected with herpes simplex 2 by the rapper. So, for Usher herpes simplex had been a lawsuit subject before.

At the moment, New York Marine and General Insurance Company still has to pay for the lawsuit. But if they get their way and a judge sees things as they do, not only they will not have to pay a dime in the lawsuit, but they will also be refunded the money going for Usher’s defense in the case.

Usher has also been sued by a trio of fans – two women and one man – represented by celebrity attorney Lisa Bloom, claiming damages for exposing them to the STD. Of the three, one tested positive. Only one plaintiff in this case made her identity known: Quantasia Sharpton revealed she had intercourse with Usher on her 19th birthday, two years ago, after a concert. She tested negative for herpes, but was extremely upset and disturbed by the fact that she had been exposed, without knowing, to herpes simplex. She has just given birth to her first child and if she had herpes, that would have been highly risky for the infant.


Quantasia Sharpton and attorney Lisa Bloom