Aaron Carter is estranged from his family and only talks to his mom. The singer also called all the threats to harm himself and others, which appeared in the media last week, “false allegations”.

On Monday, Aaron Carter was approached by paparazzi while in Manhattan. He was in a good mood and shared he was on his way to a charity event. He also mentioned he had quite an experience when meeting a very young fan, during his last performance. He said it was an “adorable” 6-year-old fan who was “freaking out” and he brought her onstage.

His expression changed when the reporter refocused the conversation to his family, asking him if he thought they were concerned about him. Carter replied: “Nope! I only speak to my mother and my mother and I are just fine.”

Carter added that he and his mother are “on the same page” regarding his health. “I don’t speak to the rest.”

When the reporter insisted with the health situation, the singer cut the discussion short: “There is no need for any of those questions because they’re false allegations.”

“I produce my music, I write my music, that’s what I’m focusing on”, he said, concluding: “You know what I mean? When I’m trying to get back on my feet, don’t try to swing me off my feet.”


Aaron Carter is estranged from his family, keeping in touch only with his mother.


Later that night, the singer was spotted in the company of a young woman named Chloe, who, according to TMZ, was a fan who paid for a meet-and-greet.

The allegations that Carter was mentioning in the video refer to his threats to commit suicide, that his family told the police about just a few days ago. TMZ reported on September 8 that the St. Petersburg PD received several calls from some of the Carter family members who remain unnamed, about Aaron’s threats of overdosing on Xanax and Klonopin.

Aaron Carter has spent some time in rehab in 2011, after inhaling keyboard cleaning aerosol spray.

And on September 8, cops were called to Aaron’s house three times, after anonymous callers claimed he had a gun and was threatening to harm family members.