One year after separating from Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie talks about single life and the obstacles she had to jump, or dodge these past 12 months. “Being single is not something I wanted”, she says in an interview with the Telegraph.

In the wake of First They Killed My Father premiere, Angelina Jolie opened-up about being single again and she says it sucks. In her own words, “it’s been difficult” getting used to her regained single status and raising the children separately from her estranged husband, Brad Pitt.

“I don’t enjoy being single. It’s not something I wanted”, she said in a recent interview to The Telegraph. “There’s nothing nice about it. It’s just hard”, the actor and director added. And even if at times she seems to be having it all together, she says “really I am just trying to get through my days”.

The past 12 months have been challenging for Jolie, not only on a family level, but also healthwise. The 42-year-old filed for divorce on September 13 last year, after a heated moment involving Pitt and their eldest son, Maddox. From that moment on, Jolie-Pitt family had to deal with child services investigations, family counselling, custody arrangements, moving to a new home and, on top of everything, the media coverage of the most high-profile celebrity divorce in years!

No wonder this took a toll on Jolie’s health state. The actress only recently revealed she had been diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy, a condition that causes the weakening of the face nerves, usually on one side. She is currently on the road to recovery, but, as she puts it, “emotionally it’s been a very difficult year […] so my health is something I have to monitor”.

This isn’t the first time Angelina Jolie gives an interview about her life post-Brad Pitt. In late July, she did a cover story for Vanity Fair, letting her fans, through the magazine, into her new home and her newly-single mom perspective. The interview, however, received mixed feedback. Some media representatives believed her story was too made-up.


Angelina Jolie: “I don’t enjoy being single.”