Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen break-up after 10 years of relationship, which resulted in one daughter. The two are currently living in different countries.

Sources have confirmed to E! that Rachel Bilson has split from her boyfriend of 10 years, Hayden Christensen. “They are officially done within the last few weeks”, says a high school friend of Bilson’s, adding that the problems that led to the break-up were building-up for some time. “They were in agreement it was time to move on as a couple.”

The same friend said that the differences between their lifestyles became unbearable. While Rachel is keen on spending time with friends, enjoying more social interaction, Hayden was quite private and “reclusive”. “Hayden can get depressed and is extremely neurotic and it was bringing her down. She felt like she wanted something different and easier”, the friend explained, concluding that, even though Rachel put up with it for years and tried to “make it work”, she “just got tired of this being her life.”

A source speaking to Us Weekly had said about the couple that they had separated for about two months.

Rachel Bilson, 36, is residing in Los Angeles, California. Hayden Christensen, also 36, is living in Toronto, Canada, where he is currently filming a romantic comedy called Little Italy.

They met in 2007, while filming on the set of Jumper. In December 2008, they got engaged. In 2010, they had a brief split and called off the engagement. Three months later they were back together, but did not advance any marriage plans.

Bilson gave birth to the couple’s only daughter, Briar, in October 2014.

Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen break-up after 10 years.


UPDATE: Rachel Bilson has been photographed in L.A. for the first time since the split was reported.  The newly-single actress was on a shopping spree, wearing dark shades, a black patterned blouse, classic blue jeans and nude flats.