The latest news about the Kardashians is not baby news anymore, but about Rob Kardashian suing Blac Chyna for assault and battery, after she allegedly tried to strangle him with a cell phone cable.

Say what!? Things got heated (again!) between Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian, according to a recent report from The Blast, which reveals that there is an ongoing lawsuit between the two exes.

Rob has filed a lawsuit against his baby mama for assault and battery, regarding an incident that happened about nine months ago.

Here is what the documents say happened:

On December 14, 2016, Blac Chyna was allegedly under the influence of drugs and alcohol and was displaying aggressive behavior as the night started. At first, she was on Facetime with some friends and was playing with a gun, belonging to Kardashian. At one point, she pointed the gun to the phone camera.

A while later, she went ballistic, trying to strangle Rob with a cell phone cable, chasing him around the house, ripping his clothes and hitting him in the face and head. He says he suffered injuries to the neck and his shirt was all torn up.

In addition to the charges brought by Rob, Kylie Jenner is also suing Blac Chyna over the same incident, for property damage. The 29-year-old trashed Kylie’s house – Chyna and Rob were renting the place from Kylie. Court documents state Chyna smashed gingerbread houses made for Christmas, broke a TV, destroyed cell phones and broke down a door.

The news about Kylie and Rob Kardashian suing Blac Chyna makes headlines just days after the former couple had reportedly reached an agreement regarding the custody of their 10-month-old daughter, Dream.

Chyna is now threatening to sue the Kardashians for damaging her public persona. Sources cited by The Blast say that Chyna has “suffered significant damages” as a result of nude photos leaked online by Rob during their break-up. Moreover, the model claims it is the Kardashian’s fault that her show, Rob & Chyna, was not renewed for a second season.