Biochemistry student Anok Yai was photographed over the weekend at Howard University’s homecoming in DC and her photos have gone viral. She has already been contacted by three agencies and is to become a model literally overnight.

Anok Yai is 19-years-old and a student at Plymouth State University. She was just an ordinary girl leading an ordinary student life until this past weekend, when a photographer snapped some photos of her. He was there to take pictures of students with interesting/stylish outfits, but Yai’s looks were far more unique than anything he immortalized.

He captioned the photo: “Saw her right at the end of Yardfest. Stunning @anokyai”


Saw her right at the end of Yardfest. Stunning @anokyai #huhc #huhomecoming #theyard #fro #curlyhair #darkskin #sudanese

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She posted the same photo on her Instagram thanking the photographer. “Big thank you to @thesunk for capturing this moment. Amazing photographer. Couldn’t be happier”, she captioned it.

The photo went viral, something that TheSunk expected, but was the last thing Yai was dreaming of.

“My phone just started vibrating rapidly for a long, long time”, she told The Boston Globe, adding that at first she thought maybe someone made a meme of her.

When she realized it was the photo at the Harvard’s Yardfest, she was shocked, especially beause she thought her face didn’t look that good in it and considered it an average caption of looks. “At first, I questioned what everyone was seeing because I didn’t really see it,”, she confessed. “Honestly, I think that people get so used to seeing themselves that people don’t see their own beauty because they see it everyday.”

Anok Yai was born in Egypt and moved to Manchester, New Hampshire, in 2000, when she was a toddler. She says she has dreamed about modeling, but she “wasn’t sure if it was going to happen’. She added that three agencies have contacted her already.