The Chester Bennington fortune is left to all six kids of the singer’s according to his will. Certain funds will go directly to his widow, who is also the executor of the will.

Four months after his death, the will of Chester Bennington has been opened. TMZ obtained the will, which was filed with the Los Angeles County. In it, it states that the executor of the will is Bennington’s widow, Talinda Bennington. Here is what goes to whom:

  • Chester’s retirement funds go to Talinda
  • the majority of the rest of the assets go to the Family Trust, created back in 2007
  • a separate amount goes to funding the trips between Chester’s six children, so that all siblings remain in touch
  • the musical rights go to Talinda, as well

Chester Bennington fathered three children with Talinda and three other children come from his first marriage and a previous relationship.

His eldest child, Jamie, is now 21-years-old. His mother is Elka Brand. Bennington adopted Elka’s other son, Isaiah, in 2006. Isaiah is soon turning 20.

From his first marriage, to Samantha Olit, resulted one son, Draven, who is 15.

In 2006, the Linkin Park frontman tied the knot with former Playboy playmate Talinda Ann Bentley. The couple had son Tyler Lee in 2006 and twins Lilly and Lila in 2011.

Chester Benington committed suicide by hanging, in late July of this year, at the age of 41. His death came as a shock, even though the rocker has been very open about his struggle with substance abuse and depression, problems he had been dealing with for a very long time.

His death came only a couple of months after the suicide of another rock legend, Audioslave’s Chris Cornell. The two were very close friends.