Don Lemon got several death threats on Twitter on Wednesday, which led him to contact the police and file a report for aggravated harassment.

CNN’s Don Lemon received the Twitter death threats by a self-proclaimed white nationalist supporter of U.S. President Donald Trump, TMZ reports. The news anchor received them through several messages, in which he was called “ni****”, “a pile of rotting dogsh**”, “racist”, “communist”, “socialist”, “Liberal moron”, an “a**hole” and more.

The threats were also very clear: “can’t wait to stab your neck”, “i will find u U will pay” “ill see u real soon…” – as they are stated in the police filing that Lemon made the following day with the NYPD.

Even though Lemon filed under “aggravated assault”, sources talking to TMZ say that it will probably fall under hate crime.

The man who made the threats, whose identity was not revealed, is reportedly having a dark and disturbing self-characterization of the social network. He describes himself as a “white nationalist conservative. pro gun anti islam anti terrorist anti leftist yes i HATE democrats, blm, antifa, socialists. heavily armed racist. WLM.”

The wave of threats came after Don Lemon read an open letter to Donald Trump on the air. In the letter, he addressed the treatment of fallen Sgt. La David Johnson’s widow Myeshia, which left him heartbroken.

See the video below for more details:



It’s no secret that Trump and Lemon don’t see eye to eye. Lemon has been very vocal against the President. In early January, he indirectly called Trump a liar, accusing him of fake statements.

Don Lemon, 51, is the recipient of an Emmy Award and an Edward R. Murrow Award. He was voted among the 150 most influential African-Americans by Ebony magazine. He worked for NBC, and MSNBC before coming to CNN in 2006.