The number of women who come out with their own sexual harassment story about Harvey Weinstein is continually increasing. Angelina Jolie, Asia Argento, Romola Garai and Heather Graham are just some of the actresses that had to dodge the filmmaker’s indecent proposals. Here are their Harvey Weinstein stories:

Angelina Jolie – “I had a bad experience with Harvey Weinstein in my youth, and as a result, chose never to work with him again and warn others when they did”, Jolie said in the same article, calling his behavior “unacceptable”.

Asia Argento – the Italian actress told one of the most detailed and vivid stories. In the late ‘90s, she was invited to a party on the French Riviera by one of Weinstein’s producers. Upon arrival she was shocked to see she was the only guest. She chose to stay and have a talk with the movie maker, After a brief discussion about her career, he went out of the room and came back, minutes later, wearing just a bathrobe. She says he raped her. was not willing. “I said, ‘No, no, no.’ … It’s twisted. A big fat man wanting to eat you. It’s a scary fairy tale. After the rape, he won.”

Romola Garai – the “Atonement” actress recalls being just 18 when Weinstein invited her to his hotel room at Savoy, in London. “I remember the feeling of seeing him opening the door in the dressing gown and thinking, ‘Oh God, this is a casting couch.” She told the New York Times that at the time she thought her success relies heavily on her looks and that she was only a commodity. She left the room feeling violated and “humiliated”.

Heather Graham – the 47-year-old actress told Variety she had an odd meeting with the Miramax co-founder in the early 2000s, who propositioned after showing her scripts and assured her he is interested in working with her. “I walked out of the meeting feeling uneasy. There was no explicit mention that to star in one of those films I had to sleep with him, but the subtext was there”, Graham said. They never worked together.

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