After numerous press reports of having cut all ties, Justin Bieber visits Selena Gomez at her Studio City home and stays until midnight.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez had an on-and-off romance in their late teens, which ended in 2014. Since then, neither one of them seemed eager to discuss the other in interviews, with paparazzi, or in any other public circumstances. Moreover, the two exchanges heated texts on social media soon after they had split for good.

Since they went their separate ways, Gomez has gone into rehab for anxiety and depression cause by her lupus diagnosis, which she received in 2015. She spent 3 months in a treatment facility in Tennessee last year. And in 2017, over the summer, she had a kidney transplant. She opened-up about it in September, on Instagram, sharing a photo of her and her donor – actress Francia Rasia – on the hospital beds.

And when it came to romance, the 25-year-old singer found the perfect boyfriend in Abel Makkonen Tesfaye, aka The Weeknd. The couple started dating in January of this year.

Meanwhile, Bieber was confirming in 2016 that he was single and was planning on staying that way for a while. He has been spotted hanging out with several ladies, but none of them stuck around. That was probably because of the personal problems that the singer was showing. Last year, leaving the stage during the concerts, offending fans and lashing out. A breakdown was coming. This year, Bieber cancelled the remaining of his tour in July, taking a break from the public eye.

There was no indicator that these two would reunite. Despite that, one day after a 40-something-year-old female fan was arrested on Bieber’s property for trespassing, while he was in the house, the pop star decided to spend the evening somewhere else: at Selena Gomez’s.

According to TMZ, he came by her home about ten minutes after she had arrived. They hung out until midnight. A source close to The Weeknd told the news website that the singer, who is on tour, knows that Selena and Justin are on good terms and sees no problem in visits like the one yesterday.