In order to return as a judge for the next season of America’s Got Talent Mel B. reportedly asked Simon Cowell for $400K more, raising her paycheck to $2.2 million.

Sources speaking to British newspaper The Sunday People say that the former Spice Girls member asked for the raise, seeing that she feels “in a strong position to wrangle a pay rise from Simon”. Her brand added to the show’s popularity, with her being a press subject for her professional and her private life both.

“Not only did her talent pick win the series, but she and Simon dominated the show’s dramatic moments”, the source added.

Mel B – real name Melanie Brown – is in the middle of a divorce from husband of 10 years Stephen Belafonte. They two are scheduled to be in court on November 6, when Brown will argue that her estranged husband has spent most of her 30 million pounds during their marriage.

According to sources mentioned by The Daily Mail. The singer and TV show host had a net worth of 12 million pounds when she met Belafonte and throughout their marriage she made 20 million pounds more.

At present, she has about 800,000 pounds left, a Beverly Hills mansion and a restaurant located in Hollywood.

An increase in paycheck could surely make Mel B’s life much easier now, that she is also piling up divorce-related bills.

And according to Metro, Simon Cowell is willing to pay the lady her $2.2 million.

“It’s been amazing with Mel. I’ll be honest she can be a pain but she has a good heart.” said Cowell, adding that there will be no changes in the America’s Got Talent panel: “With this panel I wouldn’t change anything and I won’t be changing anything.”

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