Blizzard’s Overwatch Halloween Terror 2017 is getting ready for today’s release, when many of the characters in the game will get new, terrifying skins.

A couple of weeks before Halloween, the characters from Blizzard’s game Overwatch will be dressing up as mythological horror creatures. The game’s creators have prepared new skins, which will be available in the game starting today.

Blizzard Entertainment has confirmed Reaper as the ultimate vampire Dracula, and McCree as Van Helsing. Recent leaks from Reddit also show:

  • Zenyetta as Cthulhu,
  • Mei as the Chinese hopping vampire named jiangshi
  • Symmetra as the fire demon called ifrit

Photo: Reddit

Not every character will benefit from the Overwatch Halloween Terror 2017 special, but it is sure the skins/costumes will be more than the five revealed so far.

The teasers, released so far promise 50 new collectible items.


Overwatch is a team online first-person shooter game, released in May 2016. It is one of the four major franchises of Blizzard Entertainment, along with Warcraft, StarCraft and Diablo.

The characters in Overwatch are very diverse, covering a range of ethnicities and genders …and also species. “We’ve tried [to] have a diverse cast of characters and diverse locations that you go through, and hopefully these characters – even beyond national diversity”, said senior game designer Michael Chu in a statement to The Telegraph. “Just seeing their personalities, their backstories, their occupations – hopefully people will find things in common with these characters.”

In 2016, Overwatch has received a series of awards, including the one of Game of the Year at The Game Awards, D.I.C.E. Awards, and Game Developers Choice Awards.

This year, so far, the game has won National Academy of Video Game Trade Reviewers Awards for Game of the Year, original Action and Character Design and was nominated for Original Light Mix Score, New IP and Game Design, New IP.