Currently, the Lego best selling toy is Women of NASA. The set, which became available for purchase on Wednesday morning, became a sales hit in less than 24 hours. Read more to find out where to buy it.

Since Wednesday morning, everyone who loves Lego wanted to have the Women of NASA set, made available by the toy company two days ago. The set illustrates four key-female scientists, whose work has been groundbreaking at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, and their area of expertise:

  • Astronomer Nancy Grace Roman
  • Margaret Hamilton
  • Astronaut Sally Ride
  • Astronaut Mae Jemison

Each set, including 231 pieces, has been put on sale for $24.99

The sale was announced on Twitter on November 1. Don’t space out! “LEGO Ideas Women of @NASA has launched today…just the way we planet #WomenOfNASA #LEGOIdeas”, Lego captioned a slideshow of the women and their Lego version.

Here are some specifications for Women of NASA:

Photo: Lego


There are three builds and four figurines. Astronauts Sally Ride and Mae Jemison share a space Shuttle Challenger which features three removable rocket stages.

Nancy Grace Roman has a Hubble Space Telescope with details that makes it look like a miniature authentic one. Her build also features an image projection of a space nebula.

Photo: Lego

Margaret Hamilton’s center piece on her build is a stack of books which are meant to include all listings of Apollo Guidance Computer onboard flight software source code.

All three builds include name plates for all the four ladies.

Already fascinated by Women of NASA, but still haven’t got your own set? You can order it here.