Former Glee star Naya Rivera has been arrested for domestic battery on Saturday night, after cops were called to her home in West Virginia.

30-year-old Naya Rivera had a rough weekend. The mother-of-one was at her home in Kanawha County, West Virginia, when she got into an altercation with her husband, Ryan Dorsey.

Police were dispatched at the address and shortly after, Rivera was taken to the police station in handcuffs. She left the home wearing a hoodie, black jogging pants and slippers.

Rivera is facing domestic battery charges. Reports say she hit Dorsey in the head and broke his bottom lip.

While her representative has not yet released a comment on the incident, here is a video showing the actress appearing in front of a judge and hearing the charges.


Naya Rivera filed for divorce from Ryan Dorsey in November 2016, seeking sole custody of their son, Josey. During the summer, she was romantically linked to comedy actor David Spade. She did not confirm nor deny the rumors that there would be something between them. However, in September, she put a halt to the divorce proceedings.

Dorsey and Rivera have been married for approximately three years and a half now, if we take into account the time they have been estranged, too. The two married in July 2014, shortly after she broke her engagement to rapper Big Sean.

There have always been ups and down in the couple’s relationship. They first dated in 2010 for a few months. After the split, Rivera reveals in her memoir, “Sorry, Not Sorry”, she found out she was pregnant. She had the pregnancy terminated, but never really got over Dorsey. “I have always kept a flame for him”, she writes. “In between boyfriends or whatever, if I was single for a minute, I would always answer his emails and go see him.”