The police are investigating the rape claims against actor Ed Westwick, made by actress Kristina Cohen. She says it happened three years ago, at his place. He says not.

It all started on Monday, November 6, when Kristin Cohen posted a lengthy message on Facebook, about how she was raped by Ed.

“The last month has been incredibly difficult. Like so many women I too have a story of sexual assault”, she started her post. “I was sexually assaulted three years ago”, she confessed, adding that it was around a very difficult time in her life, as her mother was “dying of cancer”.

She went on describing an evening that she, Ed Westwick and his producer, who brought her there, spent at the actor’s home. They had dinner and she went into the guest room to take a nap. “I was woken up abruptly by Ed on top of me”, she describes the scene of the rape, adding that even though she told him to stop, she “was paralyzed, terrified.”

A later talk with the producer left her hopeless. He told her not to say anything because “Ed will have people come after me, destroy me, and that I could forget about an acting career.”

She concluded her message with hopes that she will make other women feel empowered and “not alone”. “I hope that my stories and the stories of others help to reset and realign the toxic environments and power imbalances that have created these monsters.”

The last month has been incredibly difficult. Like so many women I too have a story of sexual assault, and the…

Posted by Kristina Cohen on Monday, November 6, 2017


To this, Westwick replied that he didn’t even know the woman. “I certainly have never committed rape”, he concluded in an Instagram post.


But now, that the LAPD is conducting an investigation, witnesses supporting Cohen’s story step forward. Her sister, Katalina Colgate, told Deadline that she knew about the rape since the day after it had occurred. “Very shortly after it happened, she told me that she was raped. She told me and my other sister. I was furious.”

And one of Cohen’s good friends, actor Blaise Godbe Lipman, said he also knew about it. . “She came over to my home the following morning and told me everything”, the Dark Place actor said. He also gave confirmed the name of the producer who brought Kristina to Ed, name name originally unveiled by Cohen: “It was Kaine Harling” she said, while Lipman detailed that Harling “told her not to say anything because Ed has a lot of money and resources and no one would believe her”.