Bodybuilder Rich Piana’s death report concluded that he snorted workout powder. At the time of his death, investigators did find white powder in Piana’s apartment.

The autopsy report was inconclusive. It only confirmed that the bodybuilder had a heart disease.

But Piana’s girlfriend, Chanel, spoke to investigators trying to figure out the cause of death and mentioned to them that he had an unusual way of consuming workout powder: he would snort it like cocaine. The woman also mentioned the name of the product: CON-CRET PRE workout powder (Lemon-Lime).

TMZ first reported the news.

Rich Piana died in late August, after spending three weeks in the hospital, in a coma. When he was brought to ER, he was already unconscious. He was found collapsed in his bathroom by his girlfriend, in the middle of the day, while he was cutting his hair.

Chanel called 911 and an ambulance was dispatched. Meanwhile, she was instructed to do CPR. Upon arrival, paramedics found him still unconscious and used 2 doses of Narcan, usually used to treat ODs. They were unsuccessful.

Following his death, 20 bottles of steroids were found at his Florida home. It is yet uncertain whether they, corroborated with his enlarged heart condition, played a role, in Piana’s coma and death.

Rich Piana was a social media sensation, having 1.2 million followers. He participated in numerous bodybuilding competitions, including Mr. California. At the time of his death, he was 46.