When it comes to mental health benefits, do you know which foods are best for young adults? Scientists have finally spoken about age-related types of diets, which makes a lot more sense, seeing that age influences health state requirements, right? Here is what they have to say.

It is already a known theory that what we eat impacts the way we feel. Certain foods give us more energy, while others drain our minds and bodies, leaving us feeling tired and lazy. And while with some foods you can feel the effect immediately, others reveal the outcome of their impact years later.

A study that was published by Medical News Today earlier this year, showed that by increasing the intake of fruits and vegetables, we can improve our state of mind in only two weeks. Another study concluded that eating red meat lowers the risk of depression.

Some foods make healthier choices only for young adults.
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But when we talk about increasing or decreasing food quantities, we need numbers, right? A recent study focused on the diet of young adults and how these benefit the most from what they eat, showed that eating red meat and poultry 3 times per week, as well as exercising 3 times per week boosts the energy levels and the overall mood.

Scientists have also noted that the brains of young people are more sensitive to brain chemicals that the brains of the elders.

“Brain maturation may not complete until the age of 30, which may explain the differential emotional control, mindset, and resilience between young adults and matured adults”, explained the study’s co-author, Lina Begdache.

She added: “With aging, there is an increase in free radical formation, so our need for antioxidants increases. Free radicals cause disturbances in the brain, which increases the risk for mental distress”.

The next step in the study is to investigate a correlation between gender and food effects on the brain, seeing that there are noticeable differences between the men and women when it comes to brain structure.

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