Actor Gabriel Byrne reveals now some chilling things about Kevin Spacey, with whom he co-starred in The Usual Suspects, in 1995. “I didn’t know about the extent of his violence”, he says, sharing the real reason behind the filming cancellation.

Now 67-years old, Irish actor Gabriel Byrne sat down with The Sunday Times and talked about the behavior of his co-star, Kevin Spacey, during the filming of The Usual Suspects. “I did not know honestly then the extent of his violence”, he confessed to the publication.

He added: “He was kind of a joke in that people would say, ‘That’s Kevin,’ but nobody really understood the depth of his predations.” Only years later, he says, everyone began to understand that it was Spacey’s “inappropriate sexual behavior” that caused the filming to be halted.

Byrne and Spacey on “The Usual Suspects” (1995).


Byrne compared Spacey to film mogul Harvey Weinstein, whose infamous stories have circulated since the beginning of last October. They both have “that element of absolute abuse of power”. Of Weinstein, the actor had some personal experience he wanted to share: “I saw him be absolutely appalling, not just to women but to men as well. He had very little respect for any kind of human being. He wanted his stars around him.” Gabriel Byrne and Harvey Weinstein worked together on three movies.

Kevin Spacey, 58, was accused of sexual assault by actor Anthony Rapp, on October 30. He tweeted details of his experience, which happened in 2001, when he was only 14-years-old.

In response, Spacey tweeted his apology for what was “drunken behavior” in his opinion, if that ever actually happened. Moreover, he used the same opportunity to share with the world that he has lived as a straight and a gay man both so far, but from that day on, he made the decision to define himself as gay.

Spacey’s confession and his somewhat apologetic response may have been believable if Spacey’s own brother would not have come out with some information that sustained the actor’s violent nature and if former House of Cards fellow actors wouldn’t have accused him of creating a “toxic” working environment, due to his “predatory” ways.