Great news for Pokémon Go fans – the game creator is to introduce 50 new creatures into the action and, on top of that, weather effects!

Pokemon Go has been released in the summer of 2016 and since then, it has created a huge wave of fanatics. In fact, if we are to bring numbers into discussion, the mobile game has brought in, so far revenues of 1.2 billion dollars, from 752 million downloads – the figures have been provided by Apptopia via Venturebeat.

Understandably, those numbers equal success, so the creators have decided to add to the game. The company that invented Pokemon Go, Niantic, is now bringing in 50 new characters, which, according to global product marketing lead Archit Bhargava, will be released this week.

“They will appear in a staged rollout over time”, said Bhargava, explaining that this was a good thing, as “so many players are close to completing their Pokédexes”.

The 50 new pokémons originate in the Hoenn region. Their release will bring the total number of creatures in the game to 300.

Aside from the new creatures, the game will be featuring real weather effects. The weather will be checked-out on the map. The weather will influence real world gameplay, as Pokémons will be found in certain places, depending on their habitat. For instance, Mudkip is more likely to be found in places where it rains, while Cacnea, is a sun lover and Snorunt has a thing for snow.

As seasons change, players will find different pokémons, some rare, which they will add to their collection, thus making progress in the Pokédexes.

Check out the trailer for the upcoming creatures here: