In an article published by the New York Times on Wednesday, three more women accused Russell Simmons of rape.

Drew Dixon, Tina Baker and Toni Sallie are the names of the three women who most recently spoke out about the sensitive subject. They all claim to have been raped by Phat Farm owner and music producer Russell Simmons. Their stories were told by the New York Times, in a piece that was published on Wednesday, December 13.

Drew Dixon is the first woman featured in the article. She was an executive at Simmons’ hip hop record label, Def Jam Records. At the time, in 1995, she was 24-years-old and says she was spiraling down into depression due to the constant sexual harassment she was enduring from her employer. Less than a year since it all started, she says Russell raped her in his Manhattan apartment. “I was broken,” she confesses. She left the job after the incident.

The second story featured in the article is that of music journalist Toni Sallie, who claims was raped once, in 1988, after having ended a short relationship with the music producer. In fact, she doesn’t even call it a relationship, saying they only dated a few times and decided to not go ahead because they were not seeing eye to eye. One year after she was raped, she met Simmons at an event in South Florida and was again harassed and even physically assaulted, until she managed to escape in her hotel room. Her detailed story, here.

Tina Baker tells the third and final story featured in the New York Times. She is a singer and met Simmons in late 1990. She had released a few pop nd dance records in the 1980 and had collaborated until that moment with big names in the industry, such as Madonna and Bruce Springsteen. The purpose of her meeting with Simmons was to promote her career.

They met in a club and he invited her to his apartment. At the time, she says she didn’t think anything about it, but, as they got to his place, things “got really ugly, pretty fast”. She said Simmons raped her and she didn’t have to power to fight back. “I did nothing, I shut my eyes and waited for it to end.”

As an effect, she says, she did not have any intimate relationships for over nine years following the rape.

Russell Simmons’ lawyer, Brad D. Rose, denies Baker’s story, saying that his client had “no recollection” of having any intimate encounter with the singer.