Recent statistics show that genital cosmetic surgery gains popularity among both women and men. The number of male and female interventions “down there” is on a rise.

If you’re looking for a physical change that will redefine who you are and give you more self-confidence and are considering breast implants, facial rejuvenation procedures, lip enhancement or lipo, you’re looking at the wrong things. At least, this is what cosmetic surgery trends say.

According to to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), in 2016, 39% more women signed-up for labiaplasty than in 2015. That same year, the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery says over 8,000 men around the world have gone under the knife for a little thing called penile enlargement.

Here are the more common female and male genital cosmetic procedures, in case you want to be up to date with the beauty trends.

Labiaplasty – this is the most popular of the procedures that are to come; it generally refers to the intervention with the aim of reducing the labia; labiaplasty may be an option of aesthetic enhancement for some women, but in other cases, the procedure leads to discomfort relief, discomfort caused by the twisting of the skin.

Monsplasty – not a very common term, right? We had to read a bit about it, too. Apparently, it is a procedure that reduces the pubic area, situated between the belly and the labia. Nature has left women with a slight curve in that spot, but some believe it’s too much. The reduction consists in liposuction and the removal of excess skin.

Vaginal tightening – this type of genital cosmetic surgery also known as vagina rejuvenation helps women feel “younger” after giving birth vaginally to one or more children. It is available as knife, or laser surgery.

O-shots and G-shots – You’ve heard about botox parties, right? Well, this is not exactly similar, but who knows what novelties we will be able to see in the Real Housewives-like series next? Of course, O-shots and G-shots will definitely not be shown on TV. They are short from Orgasm shots and G spot shots and, you’ve guessed it, there is no knife involved. Just needles inserted in the clitoris area, or the G spot area, for enhanced sexual pleasure. But beware, they are still controversial procedures, with no guaranteed results.

Penile enlargements – there are actually two categories we can talk about here: penile elongation, a procedure that uncovers more of the penis by cutting the ligament connecting the base of the penis to the lower pelvis and penile girth enhancement, done by moving fat from other areas on the body to the penis.

Testicular implants – this genital cosmetic surgery is particularly sought by men who have had one of both testicles removed due to malignant tumors.

Penile bleaching – a new Thai trend that we just heard of earlier this month from BBC. It doesn’t really replace or enhance anything, but gives its subjects a higher self-esteem. However, Thailand’s health ministry is strongly advising against it, as it is not necessary and could lead to long-lasting “nasty looking spots”.