Police found Glee actor Mark Salling dead, hanging from a tree, TMZ reports. The 35-year-old was waiting for a sentence for possession of child pornography.

Glee villain Mark Salling is dead. His body was found by law enforcement hanging from a tree, near a riverbed in Sunland, near a little league baseball filed, TMZ reports.

Not much is known about the circumstances of his death. Police were called for a “welfare check” on the 35-year-old, on Tuesday, January 30. An unnamed person came to the station around 3 a.m. and declared Salling missing. The course of events led the officers to the area where they have discovered his body, not far from his home.

Even though the scene leads to what looks like suicide by hanging, the cause of death has yet to be declared officially.

Mark Salling was awaiting his prison sentence for possession of child pornography. The actor was arrested in December 2015, after his former girlfriend turned him in for owning tens of thousands of pornographic materials on his computer, of children and teens.

In October of last year, Salling pleaded guilty on two counts of child pornography. It was later reported that, a few months before the guilty plea, he had tried to commit suicide by cutting his wrists.

As a result of the plea bargain, his possible sentence was reduced from 20 years in prison to a minimum 4 and a maximum 7 years. Aside from the time spent behind bars, he would have had to pay substantial restitution to each victim in his case and be on probation for the next 20 years. He would have had to register as a sex offender and follow the rules and restrictions that come with it (not going near areas frequented by children, not having contact with people under the age of 18) and he would have had to follow a rehabilitation program.