Actress Nicole Eggert recently said that actor Scott Baio molested her when she was a teenager. Baio fought back, calling her a liar on Facebook live.

Scott Baio chose to respond immediately to the accusation brought to him by “Charles in Charge” actress Nicole Eggert. According to her, now-46-years-old, it occurred during her teenage years. In a tweet, she wrote that she had been molested by Baio repeatedly since she was 14 until about 17 years of age.

The tweet was in response to the actor’s support of president Trump.

“Ask @scottbaio what happened in his garage at his house when I was a minor. Creep”, she tweeted in response to the post of Toni Posnanski.


Nicole Eggert and Scott Baio starred together in the CBS series “Charles in Charge”, which aired between October 1984 and November 1990.

57-year-old Baio didn’t take his former colleague’s accusations lightly, on the contrary. Yesterday, he shared on Facebook that he was going to address her claims in a Facebook live and asked his friends and followers to share his proof that Eggert was telling lies.

He did a couple of videos, of which the first one contains the explanation why he chose to respond live: “Nobody can edit me, nobody can change what I say”.

The actor posted online, aside from his video feedback, a series of legal papers and of responses sent to the Dr. Oz staff – as Eggerd was preparing to appear on the show to share her story – in which it is stated that all of Eggert’s allegations are “completely false”.

In a letter sent to Harpo Productions, his lawyer, Jennifer McGrath, says: “No sexual contact of any kind ever occurred between Ms. Eggert and Mr. Baio other than on one occasion, which was planned and initiated by Ms. Eggert, when Ms. Eggert was well over the age of 18.”

The claims they are referring to are comprised in a radio internet interview that Nicole had done with Nik Richie, on the website, in October 2013.

Moreover, Baio states that he and his team of lawyers have proven she was wrong for well over a year and yet, she continues to stay with her line of events. “She is provably wrong, and because we have been telling her that since last year without results, our only conclusion is that she is deliberately lying”, he wrote.