Shakira is being investigated for tax evasion in Spain, the Associated Press reports. Prosecutors say she failed to pay taxes in the years prior to officially moving to Barcelona.

Spanish prosecutor Jose Miguel Company are on the case, saying that the singer and her husband, Barca soccer player Gerard Pique, may have to pay income taxes from income deriving from activities performed on Spanish territory.

Shakira and Pique have moved from Bahamas to Barcelona in 2015. But three years before, it is suspected that she had had income in Spain, for which she failed to pay taxes.

The investigation, says Jose Miguel Company is expected to end in mid-June, when it will be decided if the singer will be prosecuted, or not.

Shakira has reportedly hired the auditing firm PwC for the investigation. The firm’s spokeswoman, Anna Forastier confirmed the information, but declined to reveal any details.

Shakira was one of the names that circulated around the “Paradise Papers” cases, which also included Madonna and U2 frontman Bono, among the celebrities involved.

Spanish news website El Confidencial writes that according to its own investigation, Shakira, who started coming to Barcelona more often in 2011, when she started dating Pique, had moved her intellectual property rights and businesses to a Malta-based firm. Malta – along with Luxembourg – is known as allegedly being the EU’s tax heaven. El Confidencial wrote as early as November that the 40-year-old relocated capital worth over 31 million euro (about $39 million) in Malta.

Shakira currently has a net worth of $200 milion.

Sources close to the music star, cited by E! News, say that she has always complied with the law and the results of the tax evasion investigation will demonstrate that.

Other celebrities have had trouble with taxes and of those convicted for tax evasion, there are: Martha Stewart, Wesley Snipes, Willie Nelson, Nicolas Cage and Annie Leibovitz.