Teletubbies Tinky Winky actor, 52-year-old Simon Shelton Barnes, was found frozen to death near the Liverpol waterfront.

Police confirmed that, on January 17, they found the dead body of actor Simon Shelton Barnes near the Liverpool waterfront. They have confirmed yesterday, January 23, that the 52-year-old has died from hypothermia.

Shelton’s death is not treated as suspicious at this point in time. The man was visiting Liverpool, coming from his hometown of Ampthill, Bedfordshire. The coroners are conducting an autopsy.

Police found the body in the Mann Island area of Liverpool City Centre, after receiving a call about a man found deceased on the street. Is is believed that he suddenly collapsed on the street and went into hypothermia before the authorities got to him. There is no sufficient information to connect the dots between his walk in Liverpool and his death at this point.

Judith Tynan, one of his neighbors and a very good friend of the actor – also the cousin of his ex-wife Emma Robbins, told the Daily Mail that she was shocked upon hearing the news. “I’m very floored at losing him, he was just the best company. He was just the best person to live with and we got on terribly well”, she said, adding “I’m gobsmacked at losing him”.

Simon Shelton Barnes as Tinky Winky.


Simon Shelton Barnes was best known as Tinky Winky, the purple funny character from the beloved kids’ show Teletubbies, which aired originally on BBC Two from 1997 to 2001.
The series was revived in 2015, when it started airing on Cbeebies.

The main characters were played as follows:

Tinky Winky – the purple Teletubby, who was also the pack leader and the oldest of the four. He was played by Dave Thompson and Simon Shelton Barnes in the original series; in the revival, he is being played by Jeremiah Krage

Dipsy – the green Teletubby, who is also the most stubborn and independent. He is played by John Simmit in the original and by Nick Kellington in the revival

Laa-Laa – the yellow Teletubby, the sweet and sensitive one. He is brought to life by Nikky Smedley in the original series and by Rebecca Hyland in the revival

Po – the red Teletubby, who is also the shortest and the youngest. He is played by Pui Fan Lee in the original and by Rachelle Beinart in the revival.