Mississippi deadly fake nurse Tracy Lynn Garner, whose trial for giving fatal and illicit silicone buttocks injections was connected to adult entertainer Natasha Stewart, died in jail at age 58.

On Sunday morning, January 14, the Department of Corrections in Mississippi announced that inmate Tracy Lynn Garner passed away. She had been rushed to a hospital in Jackson where she was pronounced dead shortly after.

The coroner’s office is conducting an autopsy to find the cause of death, as Garner was 58-years-old and did not have any life-threatening condition diagnosed.

At the time of death, Tracy Lynn Garner had served three and a half years behind bars from a life sentence received in 2014. She was charged with depraved heart murder – a type of murder cause by reckless disregard for human life – of Karima Gordon, a woman living in Atlanta, Georgia who passed away unexpectedly in 2012, one week after she had received dubious cosmetic procedures operated by Garner.

It was found that Garner had injected Gordon’s buttocks with silicone without being a licensed specialist, at a place in Jackson. Gordon was accompanied by her good friend Angelina Barber at Garner’s and they were both led to believe that they were receiving treatment from a nurse. However, Barber decided to not pursue any cosmetic enhancement plans with Garner. Her friend, unfortunately, went ahead and did it.

During the case development, prosecutors established that she was never a nurse, but has been a cook at a nursing home, where she wore scrubs.

According to prosecutors, it was adult entertainer Natasha Stewart, known under the stage name of Pebbelz Da Model, who recommended Garner to Gordon. As a result, Stewart was sentenced to seven years in jail for manslaughter.

Adult entertainer Natasha Stewart, known under the stage name of Pebbelz Da Model.


Tracy Lynn Garner was born Morris Garner. At the time of the arrest, her lawyer explained that the client had gender reassignment surgery and will continue to be referred to as female.