In a live interview with Yahoo! over the weekend, David Arquette remembers a clash with Harvey Weinstein: “I got all in his face one time”, the actor says.

It happened a while ago, at David Arquette’s club in Hollywood, called Bootsy Bellows. It was during a screening of Black Swan (2010).

“I got all in his face one time because he didn’t know who I was”, the actor remembers, explaining: “He’s at my club, they’re screening Black Swan, and I just got pissed off. He added: “I was going through this sort of crazy time … because I kind of knew that he was shady.”

The actor explained that he had been working with Harvey’s brother, Bob, on the Scream movies, and they got along great. But about Harvey, he had heard stories and he had “a little chip on my shoulder about him.”

The tension pushed Arquette to ask Weinstein: “Do you know who I am?” And according to him, it was his partner at the time that asked him to calm down and avoid creating a scene. “My partner was like, ‘David, what are you doing? What are you doing?’”

After the confrontation, he says he walked away and started dancing. “I went down to the party, just started dancing, and I fell in the pool.”

The crazy times Arquette was referring to were probably very connected to his recent split from Friends star Courtney Cox. The couple separated only two months before the release of Black Swan.

You can check out the full interview here:

David Arquette Facebook Live

We talked to David Arquette about Survivors Guide to Prison (the new documentary he's producing), meeting Courteney Cox on "Scream," working with Quincy Jones, and more! Watch the full interview below:

Posted by Yahoo Entertainment on Friday, February 9, 2018


David Arquette’s sister, Rosanna Arquette, spoke openly about the harassment from Weinstein, last year in October. She told the New Yorker how a business meeting turned into sexual assault. Her story, aside from that of actress Ashley Judd’s, were among the first Harvey Weinstein stories to come out.