The Mark Salling case has been dismissed after his hanging, The Blast reports. A U.S. District Judge agreed to dismiss it one day after prosecutors filed the motion.

On Wednesday, February 7, United States District Judge Otis D. Wright officially dismissed the child pornography case against actor Mark Salling, without prejudice. The judgment read: “For good cause shown, it is hereby ordered that: The government’s motion to dismiss the indictment pursuant to Rule 48 of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure is granted. The indictment in the above referenced case is dismissed without prejudice “. The indictment was first published by The Blast.

The term “without prejudice” means that the plaintiffs can file again, if they choose to do so.

The dismissal was granted only 24 hours after prosecutor have filed for it, thus terminating a case that was left without defendant.

Mark Salling’s body was found by a police patrol hanging from a tree, on January 30, in an area relatively close to him home. His death was ruled a suicide by the coroner’s office only a couple of days later. He died of asphyxia by hanging.

The Mark Salling case of child pornography and his sudden death triggered mixed reactions from the public. Close friends of Salling’s admitted to being broken-hearted by his death. This, despite the charges brought to him, to which he pleaded guilty in the end.

The Glee actor had been charged with two counts of child pornography after a police raid descended to his place in 2015 and found approximately 50,000 photos of teenagers, some under the age of 12, all with pornographic content.

The 35-year-old dodged a 20-year-sentence by accepting a plea deal, which landed him a possible sentence of only 4 to 7 years, followed by a 20-year probation. In addition, he would have had to register as a sex offender and enter a rehabilitation program. Each of his victims would have received from him the sum of $50,000.

Now that the case was dismissed without prejudice, it may be that the victims will choose to file a lawsuit against Salling’s estate, in order to receive some compensation.