Interviewed at the airport by TMZ and presented with the recently-started petition on regarding the superhero movie Black Panther, Vivica A. Fox thinks the profit should be shared with the black community.

Vivica A. Fox believes in giving back to the black community and the latest Marvel movie seems to be the perfect opportunity to do so. In a video presented by TMZ, the reporter informs the actress about the petition and its goal – that 25% of the profit from the movie Black Panther would go back to the black community.

Here is what Fox had to say about the idea: “Why not? The community is gonna be so supportive of them” She added: “I think that’s just giving back and that’s what you gotta do in the entertainment business because I’m telling you, when you give back, it continues to come.”

When asked whether she believes the company would consider making this donation, Fox responded: “I definitely think they’re gonna give back. I think they are so excited that finally Marvel comics is doing a superhero movies that stars a completely African-American cast.[…] They’re gonna do huge numbers and …why not give back? It makes you feel good.”

As for the movie, she says she can’t wait to see it. “It’s gonna be off the chain!”

The petition, started 5 days ago, has now reached just under 6,000 signatures. The initiator, Chaz Gormley, is asking, under the hashtag #BreakBread, that 25% of Marvel Studios Profits From The Black Panther Film Invested in Black Communities.

He sustains this as he says Marvel Studios has promoted the movie by targeting Black America in two different ways:

  • Gil Scott-Heron’s “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised” played in the background of the initial Black Panther trailer (which speaks to a larger issue of the monetization of “wokeness”).
  • The films Black History Month release date.


Black Panther starring Chadwick Boseman, will be released in the United States on February 16.