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Spring 2018 fashion trends

From Milan Fashion Week, to New York Fashion Week, to London Fashion Week, here are the spring 2018 fashion trends. Collections from Self-Portrait, Phillip Lim, Calvin Klein, Monse and others present an influence of the American Flag theme, featuring stripes and stars and limiting the color mix between white, blue and red. Anoraks are back in rend, patterned or uni, around or under the knee line. These make a natural choice for the windy days of early spring. Pick bright colors! Oh yes and, if you really want to be trendy, pick plastic! Neon colors – you thought this...

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Rihanna left with bloody knee after club attack

On Saturday, February 16, Rihanna was left with a bloody knee after she was attacked in a club in London. The Barbadian beauty was in UK’s capital for the London Fashion Week. Over the weekend, singer Rihanna attended the London Fashion Week. The clubs in town were an irresistible temptation for the party girl, who stopped at The Box, where she danced the night away. But in the early hours of Sunday, a fan who was apparently extremely upset about Rihanna’s reconnection with rapper Chris Brown, lashed out. The person, who wasn’t identified, started screaming at her something about Brown and threw a Lucozade energy drink at her. The bottle didn’t hit Rihanna, but during the mayhem she fell against a metal shop grate and injured herself. Photographers outside the club were able to snap pictures of the “Diamonds in The Sky” singer while trying to clean the blood on her right knee with a napkin. When Rihanna decided to give ex-boyfriend Chris Brown a second chance, there was really nobody who saw this move as a smart one. But the two seemed to be in love way over their heads. Last year in March, Rihanna initiated a music project featuring Brown, calling it at the time “innocent”, reassuring everyone it’s only about music. But since then, the two started seeing each other more often, up to the point...

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