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Jimmy Kimmel shares photo of son months after surgery

Jimmy Kimmel shared on Twitter an update about his baby son Billy health state. The 3-month-old had open heart surgery just days after birth. Kimmel’s son Billy was born on April 21. Neither him, nor wife, Molly, were aware, previously, that their baby had a heart problem. After the birth, a nurse noticed there was something wrong – his skin color was too purple. He was diagnosed with tetralogy of Fallot with pulmonary atresia and underwent open heart surgery at just three-days-old. Looking back at those moments, Fallon, 49, says he felt like he was in a television movie...

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The Boss Baby reviews: is it cute, boring…about Trump?

The Boss Baby premiered today and reviews are saying it is not the best entertainment you could benefit from in theaters. More than that, some call it uninspired or just boring. Or is it about Trump?     This adorable little angel is The Boss Baby. He is the latest member of the Templeton family, which includes dad Ted (voiced by Jimmy Kimmel), mom Janice (voice: Lisa Kudrow) and big brother Tim (voice: Tobey Maguire). The parents are over the moon about their new bundle of joy, which cannot be said about Tim, who is jealous now, that the...

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Armie Hammer and wife welcome son

Actor Armie Hammer and his wife, Elizabeth Chambers Hammer welcomed a son on Sunday, January 15. Armie Hammer’s wife Elizabeth gave birth to a baby boy on Sunday, January 15, in Los Angeles, People reports. The couple’s representative confirmed the news and added that both mother and newborn “are doing great”. A source close to the two is revealing that “Armie and Elizabeth are overjoyed with their growing family”. The couple already have a daughter, 2-year-old Harper, who has taken very seriously the role of big sister. Last year, Hammer told Jimmy Kimmel on his show that Harper loves...

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Donald Trump’s star vandalized with sledge hammer

Donald Trump’s Walk of Fame star vandalized with a sledge hammer on Wednesday morning, Deadline reports. In the early morning hours a man dressed as a construction worker, armed with a sledge hammer and a pick-ax smashed the star. Since the political campaign this year, Donald Trump’s star on the Walk of Fame has seen the worst. It has been stomped on, spray-painted with a mute sign and a swastika and it has even been isolated by someone building a small border around it. But What happened on Wednesday morning surpassed all previous vandalism form. It was Dominic Patten...

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Jennifer Aniston: “I’m not pregnant.”

Jennifer Aniston put the pregnancy rumors to rest during an interview for Extra, telling it straight: “I’m not pregnant.” A few days ago, Jennifer Aniston made a red carpet appearance that had people almost swear that she was pregnant. The 45-year-old actress attended the premiere of her movie, “Life of Crime”, in Los Angeles. She donned a silver above-the-knee dress and a black blazer. But the look accentuated her mid-section, sparking rumors that she might hide a baby bump…or, actually, show one. However, during the interview for Extra, the actress cleared the air: “I’m not pregnant” she said, adding that she wasn’t married yet, either. In response to other tabloids, mentioning that Aniston had suffered a miscarriage, her representative confirmed to Gossip Cop that the news was “completely fabricated”. As for her wedding plans, Jimmy Kimmel almost had an answer on Wednesday. After saying she doesn’t know, Aniston let the TV show host in on a little secret. It will definitely be private information. “Really, you think I’m going to tell you here?”, she said, before jumping to a more general approach, on what marriage is about. “Marriage is a wonderful thing. A relationship is a wonderful thing. It’s a way to discover who you are.” This also puts to rest other rumors surrounding the couple Jennifer Aniston – Justin Theroux : the couple is still going strong, despite...

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