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Michael Kors buys Jimmy Choo for $1.2 million

Michael Kors buys Jimmy Choo for $1.2 million in hopes that it will boost the holding’s sales in a market dominated by extremes when it comes to fashion and price. High-end shoe company Jimmy Choo PLC will soon be a part of Michael Kors Holdings. On Tuesday, the two fashion houses sealed the deal for 1.2 million dollars (original price 896 million pounds). John D. Idol, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Michael Kors released a statement announcing the acquisition and adding: “We believe that Jimmy Choo is poised for meaningful growth in the future and we are committed...

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Michael Phelps debuts model girlfriend Megan Rossee

Last night, at a Speedo event in London, gold medalist Michael Phelps debuted model girlfriend Megan Rossee. While he seems proud of having the blonde beauty at his side, others say she is only looking to boost her career and will break his heart. Sources speaking to RadarOnline believe that Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps is in for the disappointment of his life now that he’s dating Megan Rossee. The two had their first date five months ago and they debuted as a couple at a Red carpet event in London yesterday evening. Phelps and Rossee seemed to enjoy each other’s company, but sources speaking to the publication say that he is way too in love to see her true interest. “Michael is like a puppy dog around Megan — he’s completely in love with her”, said one source, adding that “like any young girl hoping to make it in Hollywood, she’s ambitious and knows that by associating herself with Michael she will get a lot of press herself”. The fact that she gained the attention of the media after posting a photo of herself and Phelps on Twitter on Sunday seems to support this scenario. “She’s desperate for her own fame — her career has been a slow-burner but this will certainly accelerate it”, adds the same source. Megan Rossee is far from being unspotted in the fashion...

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Project Runway contestant Wendy Pepper dead at 53

Project Runway contestant Wendy Pepper was reported dead in a death notice in the Washington Post on Friday, November 17. She was 53. Anne Eustis Pepper Stewart, best known to the wide audience as Wendy Pepper, one of the contestants of the first season of Project Runway, has passed away at the age of 53, the Washington Post obituary announced. The sad news was published on Friday, November 17. Wendy Pepper “died peacefully on November 12, 2017, surrounded by her loving family”, the death notice read. Lifetime posted a statement, as well: “We are saddened to hear of the...

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