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Sarah Jessica Parker has her own 24/7 fashion police

Sarah Jessica Parker has her own 24/7 fashion police. When the mther-of-three gets dressed, or puts shoes on, her kids are there to comment on her outfits. The actress says that her twin daughters are into fashion and have clear opinions on what mommy wears. The Sex and the City alum revealed to Entertainment Tonight recently that her children are paying a lot of attention to her wardrobe. Especially her twin daughters, Marion and Tabitha. The girls, who are 7-year-old at this time, tell their mom what they think about what she is wearing, on a regular basis. “If...

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Sarah Jessica Parker, always “very affectionate” towards Robert Downey Jr.

On Tuesday’s Howard Stern Show, Sarah Jessica Parker admits that she has always felt “very affectionate” towards ex-flame, Robert Downey Jr. The two reconnected recently and Downey Jr. was invited to the Parker-Broderick home for dinner. Having your ex-boyfriend and your husband at the same table, chatting over a glass of wine and a dinner dish is not something you hear about every day. The world of celebrities is eccentric in this regard, too, boundaries being mostly what they make, not something that is socially viable. This time, we are talking about the recent reconnection between Sex and the...

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Sarah Jessica Parker talks marriage and fame

Actress Sarah Jessica Parker has always kept the subject of marriage away from interviews, even though she was always willing to talk about other aspects of her life, such as her acting career, her fashion line and even her kids. In the latest issue of Harper’s Bazaar, the “Sex and the City” star opens up about why she never spoke about her relationship with her husband of 16 years. On a professional level, Sarah Jessica Parker is very busy at the moment, preparing for the launching of her new line of shoes, in collaboration with Manolo Blahnik, which will be out in February. The actress, who became a fashion trend setter after the series “Sex and the City”, has been an open book when it comes to fashion and acting, but it is probably her marriage of 16 years with actor Matthew Broderick that is her most creative, most complex work. Still, the 48-year-old wouldn’t talk about it. Until now. “People have asked me about my marriage, ‘How do you make it work,’ and I say, ‘We don’t talk about it’. That’s not really true. It’s sort of a nasty response”, she told Harper’s Bazaar. In reality, she explains, they never felt the need to respond to speculation about their relationship. “We didn’t think of fame or money because, honestly, money was never part of the dream”, says SJP,...

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Andy Cohen defends SJP against Kim Cattrall

Andy Cohen spoke recently about the feud between SJP and Kim Cattrall, defending the first against the last’s accusations of exploiting her personal loss for restoring her image. Real Housewives reunions moderator Andy Cohen told TooFab on Monday, February 12, that what his thoughts were regarding the tension between former Sex and the City co-stars Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall. A friend of Parker’s, he stood up for the actress, saying he believed that there was “only one person fighting” and that was not Parker. Referring to the Instagram post that Cattrall made over the weekend, he said...

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Kim Cattrall refused SJP’s condolences for dead brother

Actress Kim Cattrall refused Sex and the City co-star SJP’s condolences for her dead brother, Christopher. Cattrall posted on Instagram: “I don’t need your love or support at this tragic time @sarahjessicaparker”. We all knew that Kim Cattrall and Sarah Jessica Parker aren’t best friends. On the contrary, the two have criticized each other over the years, despite the tight relationship that was linking their characters, Samantha Jones and Carrie Bradshaw in the famous HBO romantic comedy Sex and the City. But the latest development gives us a feeling of how deep the antipathy goes between the two. Kim...

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