Author: Leena Stanfeel

Lisa Tolin named the new fashion editor at the Associated Press

Longtime Associated Press editor Lisa Tolin has been named East Coast entertainment and lifestyles editor for the news agency. She has been a part of the AP team since 2000. On Friday, the Associated Press has announced that it has named a new East Coast lifestyle and fashion editor. The news was reported by Alicia Quarles, the global entertainment editor of the agency. Lisa Tolin is 36 years old and has first joined the Associated Press twelve years ago. She started by being a news researcher. Later, she was promoted to editor on the national news desk. By 2005, she was working on asap, the multimedia service destined to young readers, which is based on alternative storytelling. After two years asap was closed and Tolin switched to lifestyle. She joined the team as a deputy editor and in 2009 got a promotion to top editor. “Lisa brings a wealth of knowledge to this role,” Quarles said, describing Tolin as a “progressive” person who will “improve further upon the high quality of our report”....

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Clothes that make you look cheap

Some clothes can make you look cheap. Many women, in their desire to be attractive, can go over the edge with some fashion choices. There is a fine line between sexy and vulgar, between classy and cheap. Here are the most common fashion mistakes. Spandex. Clothes that are made in a huge percent out of spandex have two major problems. One would be that spandex is not a natural fabric, thus creating a series of problems to your skin. It does not let it breathe, it does not absorb transpiration, like natural fabrics, making it uncomfortable to wear for a longer period of time, especially during summer. The second flaw of spandex it that it follows the natural curves on the body emphasizing them. Every imperfection of your silhouette will show. Washed-out jeans. They are not fit for work, nor for work-related meetings, not for attracting Prince Charming. This is because they make you look like you’re not putting much effort into your look. They are great for camping, for shopping, maybe for a concert. A more appropriate choice for a classy chic look would be dark jeans. They make you appear slimmer and elongate your legs. Add a pair of heels and a blazer and you’ll look like a million-dollar girl. Fishnet stockings. No, no, no! No! They are not made to see the daylight. Unless you are...

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Kim Kardashian and Kendal Jenner share the same taste in fashion

Kendal Jenner is walking in her big sister’s footsteps when it comes to fashion choices. Not only that, but she goes as far as borrowing Kim’s clothes. The two have been seen wearing the same type of dress (could it be the same dress?) almost a year and a half apart. On October 6, 2010, Kim Kardashian was sexy & chic at E! Entertainment’s “The Spin Crowd”. She made her appearance in an animal black and white print Azzedine Alaia dress that she wore with a black leather belt, black stockings and black pumps. Now, the same dress seems to have caught the eyeof her little sister, model Kendall Kenner. She ditched the black belt and the black stockings, replaced the pumps with high-heel sandals and kept the pony tail. Kendall wore the dress at the “Hunger Games” premiere in Los Angeles, which took place this Monday. Kim says that she bought the dress while she was with her mom, Kris Jenner, in Paris in 2010. There, she met Azzedine Alaia himself. She mentions that the designer already has a history in their family and mom Kris would wear the designer’s clothes. Azzedine Alaia is a French designer of Tunisian nationality. The 72-year-old fashion visionary was named the Best Designer of the year in 1984 and received the award of “Chevalier de la Legion d’honneur” in 2008. Among his...

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